Thursday, 2 June 2011

A quiet week!

I know its been a week since I last posted but it has been a slow news week here for me. Mind you every week is at the moment the only places I seem to go are the hospital or the caravan. Yes I made a weekly trip to one of the various hospitals I frequent on Tuesday, it was just a check up and a lot of syringed fluid taken from the wound, not pleasant but nothing to drastic. I have a C T scan next week and some tattoos (apparently very tiny) placed on the old tumour site and then I get a whole week off from appointments, that has not happened in months, I cant wait.

My hubby and myself took our daughter today to swear allegiance to the Queen, she no longer belongs to us she is the property of the British Army. They have brought her dates forward so she now goes in 10 days, so she needs to enjoy the last few days of civilian life, what an adventure she is going on, so bloody jealous.

Some friends that we met last year through a friend of a friend popped to the caravan to see us and enjoy a BBQ and cocktails. The pimms were lovely but Daz got confused half way through making Margaritas and finished them off as Mohitos. It was different, I don't think it will take off though.

So because my life has become very boring recently I have not been shopping for my pretty things like I used too. Here are a few things I have bought quite recently though.

This is a vintage clothes airer.

A cute baby Weber BBQ 

A cute blue tiny draining board from "Happy Loves Rosie" website

A new sign for the caravan door.

I am now going for a evening walk along the prom with the dogs and hopefully hubby will buy me an ice cream.

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  1. Yes it's a lovely evening honey, hope u got the ice cream! Take care, Love Chez. xx