Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Staying positive!

Finally received a courtesy car today 5 days after the incident, yes we have written a letter of complaint to the insurance asking why we pay for a service they cannot honour. Early indications from the garage are that the car has been written off. We have decided not to spend a lot on a new one, reasons below:

1. We have had 2 cars written off in 4 months ( one was my daughters fault while learning to drive, the irony is she is going to be a driver in the Army).

2. After seeing what a simple accident can do to cars I really cannot justify spending lots of money on them anymore. I had a different attitude years ago but the way I see it is as long as it gets you from A to B who cares what make, model and year it is. As long as its powerful enough to pull Polly Dolly then job done.

So I have decided not to let things get me down anymore, things happen for a reason, I am sure the reason for the last 6 months will become apparent soon.

I,m OK with Hubby being posted away again at the end of the year, I have done it for many years and I can do it again. 

Had a CT scan yesterday so that my measurements could be worked out for Radiotherapy, really straightforward with 3 tiny tattoo marks placed on skin to help with alignment.
I now have 2 whole weeks away from hospitals or doctors it brilliant.

We are taking Chloe out for a leaving meal tonight as she has 6 days left at home. The house will seem really empty but then again Kayleigh and Darren are still here. Its been quite strange lately, its gone from me working full time , Daz working away, and the girls being in college and school. Then for the last month we have all been at home full time as Kay also left school to start GCSE. Its been like an extended Xmas in a way without the holiday stress.


  1. You sound a lot happier today - and more positive! Good for you! Dont let it all beat you! You can fight the world if you really try!! Especially with the back up of a lovely family and good friends - which it sounds like you have!
    Take care

  2. Yes I am Pretty at Heart, it normally takes me a day or two to get my head round things, can't keep me down for longxx

  3. glad to hear that ur feeling better honey, enjoy ur meal this evening, lotsa love, Chez. xx

  4. Hey my attitude to cars has finally rubbed off on you lol. I'm so glad to read that you've chilled about things Honey, hope your meal was fabulous, speak soon xxx