Monday, 11 July 2011

Betsy has arrived!!

I have finally got myself another vintage caravan as a new project. There's no exact date but we are guessing early 70,s and she is a sprite like "Polly Dolly". She has a fantastic shell but the the inside is less desirable, but that will make it even better when she is finished. We have a vision of what she's going to look like, just not sure how we will get there. The good thing is I'm project manager and hubby is happy to do what I tell him, he's rather excited actually (he's out there now stripping her insides). The sad thing is though I know I will fall in love with her and she is too be sold on. I would love to keep her but we do not have the space and the whole point of buying is to see if we can make a small business from this.

So you can look at the photo,s below, but please bear in mind "Polly Dolly" did not look great when she turned up either.

Watch this space for a gorgeous transformation!!!


  1. oooh looking forward to the transformation, I bet she looks amazing when you've finished. Scarlett x

  2. Welcome to Betsy! & once you get all your pretty things in there she'll be as lovely as Polly Dolly!! Hope ur good chick, speak soon. xx

  3. Oooh I cant wait to see her all prettied up!! I would love to be able to do that too!!

    Take care

  4. Oh boy!!!! This is going to be fun!!!

  5. Oh what a little cutey. I look forward to following your progress. :-)