Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I just wanted to show a few photo's of the work in  progress on the "Betsy" the caravan. Its a before and after shot of the kitchen cupboards and some samples of the fabric I am going to use. It is starting to look the way we want it but still a bit of work to do.

I cannot believe I have only 3 days left of treatment then I am left alone for 2 or 3 months with no hospital visits that I am aware of. I think you are left alone to heal and get your life back to normal, which is great but a little scary. There has been so much attention from different medical departments and then there is nothing. I know there only at the end of a phone if I need them but its still a strange feeling. 

Felt exhausted today, it could be the treatment or the effects of all the physical exercise I have had recently. As well as the running I went to a Zumba class yesterday which was great. I could not manage the whole hour as my arm became very sore, but there was definately more movement in my arm this morning so it did some good. This evening my friend invited me to her Tia Chi class she runs and it was great. Its actually very physical especially on the legs. I have a review every Tuesday with my Radiographer to make sure everything is OK, I told her I feel the fittest I have felt in years, its mad considering the situation.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a gift from a blog I follow "Stuff' n bits" and this is the lovely handmade gift Jodi sent me, thank you.


  1. I doubt there is anything like Zumba around here - we only have a Curves franchise and that is full of very old wrinklies - I went in once to have a look and nearly ran out screaming!

    That fabric is such a fab retro shade of green- great choice. It will look wonderful when it's finished.

  2. Well it has taken it a while to reach this little village, I am sure it will get to you eventually. I love the fabric its so pretty, I just hope its not too pretty for the mass appeal.

  3. Love your caravan & love the Clarke & Clarke fabric you will be decorating with : )
    Look forward to seeing more!

    Sharon xx