Sunday, 17 July 2011

I did it!

I cannot believe it but I have just ran 6 1/2 miles. I have never in my entire life ran that far, so I now know I can cover the distance of the 10km I just need to start running up some hills now. I had planned to run it last week but things changed so I made sure today was the day. It was awful weather, cold, windy and raining but I kept running through it. I was in pain, even the tightest sports bra can't stop the pain. I just have to think about how lucky I am and the money I raise will go to help people with a not so good prognosis as me. Thats if the sponsors forms ever turn up!! I must make some enquires.

I watched some movies yesterday (and 3 hours of Gold Rush on the documentry channel, its very addictive) and made a very rich chocolate cake. I made chocolate butter icing and there was too much so I went to put it in the bin, but dropped some on the floor. I shouted Cupcake to come and eat it, she entered the kitchen looked at the mess and cowered in the corner of the kitchen. It was then I realised it actually looked liked dog mess and she thought she was in for a telling off, bless her.

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  1. Well done Clare thats flipping brilliant! Completely inspirational.